About Neale Martin

Dr. Neale Martin has been working with high-technology companies since 1994, helping them adjust their strategic thinking in light of rapidly evolving market realities. For the past several years, he has worked on updating the principles of marketing in light of research from cognitive psychology and neuroscience that reveals most of human behavior is the result of unconscious habits. The result of this endeavor is Habit: the 95% of Behavior Marketers Ignore.


In Dr. Martin's view, we are all futurists. He helps his clients become better prognosticators by a rigorous process of evaluating the Market Implications of New Technologies (MINT). Innovation does not instantaneously transform markets. It works like water slowly but inexorably washing away the foundations of existing business practices. In keynote speeches, magazine articles, books and research reports, Dr. Martin helps corporate executives, technologists, marketers, and product managers prepare for the volatile future.


For more than a decade, Dr. Martin has provided marketing consulting and education to high technology companies. He provides a powerful view of marketing as a strategic tool that drives stakeholder value. Marketing is the dynamic interface between the corporation and the market. Its goals are to align the organizations resources to best meet market opportunities and to establish profitable relationships with customers.


Dr. Martin integrates information across traditionally isolated fields, specifically IT, strategic management, and marketing. This perspective creates remarkable insight into a paradox confronting most companies - they increasingly rely on Information Communications Technology (ICT) to achieve their mission-critical goals, but senior management doesn't trust or understand ICT. Dr. Martin bridges this gap by translating the arcane, acronym-laden language of ICT into its business implications, and interpreting business objectives into actionable directives for ICT.