Arachibutyrophobia: The Fear of Peanut Butter Part II

Unfortunately, what happened to Peter Pan is now happening to the entire peanut butter industry because of one producer, Peanut Corporation of America, which makes peanut butter paste used by a wide assortment of manufacturers in everything from candy bars to milk shakes. Though the Peter Pan recall was limited to specific lots, all Peter Pan jars were off the grocer’s shelves in a matter of days. The demands on the executive mind were too great to search out a lot number. Now that challenge is being generalized across the entire peanut butter product line. As the FDA continues to expand the list of products that might be tainted, the shopping heuristic for millions is quickly becoming, “Avoid anything with peanut butter in it.” Ironically, Peter Pan is actually able to benefit from the latest recall disruption because it implemented stringent practices to prevent the introduction of Salmonella in all of its plants and buys nothing from Peanut Corporation of America.

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