Jul 19, 2009    Habits,_Media_and_Business_Models
Habits, Media and Business Models I got my phone books last week, and for the fifth year in a row, they went straight to the recycling bin. I unsuccessfully tried to remember the last time I used a phone book. Today I received a solicitation from Fortune to renew my subscription (which has lapsed years ago). The $124 annual subscription was bein ...more>>

Jan 31, 2009    Arachibutyrophobia:_The_Fear_of_Peanut_Butter_Part_II
Unfortunately, what happened to Peter Pan is now happening to the entire peanut butter industry because of one producer, Peanut Corporation of America, which makes peanut butter paste used by a wide assortment of manufacturers in everything from candy bars to milk shakes. Though the Peter Pan recall was limited to specific lots, all Peter Pan jars ...more>>

Jan 15, 2009    Arachibutyrophobia:_The_Fear_of_Peanut_Butter_Part_I
In February of 2007, Peter Pan was forced to issue a recall for certain jars of its peanut butter (those with a lot number beginning with 2111) due to Salmonella contamination. The next day as I walked through the grocery store, all Peter Pan jars were noticeably absent from my grocer’s shelves. The damage done in this kind of recall is two-fold. T ...more>>

Oct 25, 2008    Habits_and_Down_Markets
The U.S. and global economies are entering uncertain times and companies are scrambling to figure out how to respond. Exacerbating the financial meltdown is the uncertainty of the upcoming presidential election. It is likely that no current managers have ever had to deal with the prospect of a deep recession, restricted access to credit, and the pr ...more>>

Oct 24, 2008    Habits_and_the_Election,_Part_II:_Negative_Campaigning
Much has been made of negative campaigning in the last few election cycles as if this is some sort of new phenomena. All one need do is look at the vitriol of the Adams/Jefferson election to realize how silly that claim truly is. Not only is negative campaigning as American as elections, but ultimately an important and necessary part of the process ...more>>

Oct 20, 2008    Habits_and_the_Election_Part_I
Habits influence all of our behavior even which button we push when we enter the voting booth. For all of the brouhaha surrounding this year’s election, nothing has really changed about the process of selecting the most powerful person in the world. By this I mean, every four years the vast majority of voters cast their ballots based on a gut feeli ...more>>

Oct 09, 2008    Habits_and_the_Marketplace
Though I finished writing habit in the spring of 2008, the world we live in now is far different than the one I wrote about. Yet the ensuing global economic meltdown gives increased relevance and urgency to the book’s central themes. In short, habit seeks to update marketing theory and practice based on recent finding from neuroscientists and co ...more>>

Sep 10, 2008    Electronic_Gaming:_A_good_Habit?
For good or ill, we are slaves to our habits. No matter how much we may want to change a behavior, once it becomes a habit, our will seems to fade into irrelevance. We may want to get in shape, but that bag of chips somehow finds a way around our best mental defenses. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging technology, neuroscientists and co ...more>>