The Consulting Habit

"Habits are not the solution to every problem, but they are part of every solution."

Habit is a framework that allows companies to develop and market products and services that will be successful with their customer's conscious and unconscious minds.

"Using the Habit framework developed by Dr. Martin greatly simplified the design process for the Sprint/Samsung Instinct. As a result, we designed a product that not only won every major award at CTIA, but is the best phone ever from Sprint." by Doug Rossier, Sprint Instinct Marketing Lead

The power of the unconscious mind is pervasive, influencing how customers chose, use and lose products. Habits influence everything from the price customers are willing to pay to which stores they frequent.

Dr. Neale Martin and his team can help organizations identify how to leverage your customers' existing habits or break the habits of your competitors' customers. Consulting projects typically emerge after an informal discussion of current goals and challenges. Engagements vary from highly specific product issues to broad organizational projects.