Habit: the 95% of Behavior Marketers Ignore
2008 - Financial Times,Wharton School Publishing

Dr. Neale Martin has been working with high technology companies since 1994, helping them adjust their strategic thinking in light of rapidly evolving market realities. For the past several years, he has worked on updating the principles of marke ... More >>

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Mirages Oases and Roadkill on the Information Highway
2001 - Ntelec Publishing

Mirages, Oases, and Roadkill on the Information Highway seeks to provide a larger framework to understand not only the transformation of the information industry, but also how this industry is at the epicenter of bringing about what many refer to as ... More >>

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Demystifying the Communicaitons Industry: A Perspective on current challenges and Future Opportunities
1999 - Trillium Research, I-CORE

Communications Unbound
1998 - I-CORE