Neale Martin

About The Author

about the author

Neale Martin combines an extensive background in psychology, engineering, and technology to re-imagine the modern detective novel. His stories seek to answer the question, ‘How would an engineer solve a murder mystery?


Dr. Martin consults globally across industries including high technology, communications, consumer goods, pharma, healthcare, and financial services. He helps clients change customer and organizational behavior based on his groundbreaking work translating recent insights from neuroscience and cognitive psychology into insights and action plans that break old habits and create new ones.

Speaking & Training

Dr. Martin has presented keynote presentations in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. His highly engaging presentations cover innovation, strategy, habits, and customer and organizational behavior. He has developed and presented his work into training sessions for clients including P&G, Coca-Cola, Verizon Wireless, Ubisoft, Axiata, Kimberly Clark, and Eli Lilly.’

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