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80% of new products fail. Billions of advertising dollars are wasted every year. Even “satisfied customers” abandon companies at the drop of a hat. How can this be? How can so many brilliant marketers and product developers be failing so thoroughly? Here’s how: they’ve focused their vast resources almost exclusively on the conscious mind, but it’s the unconscious mind that controls 95% of human behavior. In Habit, Dr. Neale Martin presents powerful new research that reveals how the mind actually works and explains in practical detail the implications of this new science for marketers and product developers. You’ll learn why 50 years of marketing theory is deeply flawed, how your customers’ unconscious minds thwart your marketing campaigns, and how to identify what customers really want when they don’t even know. Martin explains how customer behavior actually changes the mind’s neural connections and how companies can leverage this fact by refocusing on behavior, not on attitudes and beliefs. He offers a complete process for working with customers’ unconscious and conscious minds together, to become your customer’s habit, not just their choice. You’ll even learn how to revamp organizational structures that undermine the promotion of customer habits. Using Martin’s techniques, you can not only avoid marketing and product failures: you can finally achieve the twin holy grails of marketing: higher customer retention, and greater long-term profitability.


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